Protection is the future

Nobody can predict the future. However, through experience and a bit of thought, we can all take steps to ensure the future’s brighter rather than cloudy. This is especially true when it involves motorcycle protection. No, not anti-theft measures, although this too should be on your priority list, but actual protection measures against damage to your bike when you have “an off” or by dropping your bike from just moving it out of the garage.

Track days are another example when things can go wheels-up in a split second. Even though you’re riding on a wide, grip-loaded surface with no oncoming traffic, no roadside furniture, minimal chance of any surface debris being thrown up and no potholes, life can turn sideways or upside down in an instant.

Too much throttle, cold tyres, a momentary lapse in concentration, or a clash with another rider… just a few reasons why a good time on circuit can very quickly turn into a crash-fest. And it can happen to anyone. We cite experienced riders and track day goers as well as novice riders and first-time track riders.

Evotech Performance has a huge fan base of its crash protection products. Unfortunately, it is mostly customers who have been unfortunate to ‘test’ its products. Not just everyday road riders but also track day goers, and short circuit racers. Oh! And road racers too – those fearless people who challenge road-based circuits sanctioned by racing’s governing bodies such as the UK’s Auto Cycle Union (ACU). The world-famous Isle of Man TT races spring immediately to mind.

One recent addition to the growing list of rider endorsements to the protective qualities of EP crash component systems was an owner of a KTM 1290 Super Duke R. An email explaining how he crashed and the result of his 60mph (97kph) get off made us smile in relief – but not as much as the customer’s smile when he found out were able replace the very worn EP nylon bobbins for his EP Front Wheel Spindle Bobbins and EP Crash Protection.

I had a crash at UK circuit Cadwell Park at around 60mph, where I lost the front of the bike on the apex of a corner. The bike slid across the tarmac and across the grass. The EP Crash Protection frame sliders, fork spindle sliders and bar ends did an amazing job of saving the bike from any damage from a pretty fast crash. When I picked the bike up, the track marshals and I were genuinely amazed!

I would highly recommend Evotech Performance products – the quality is better than any other crash protection I've ever tried, and the customer service is excellent.

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By Evotech Retail on 06 October 2021