Proof of quality comes with success

Counterfeit products do not undergo rigorous testing before being advertised for sale. Fact. They may be cheap, but in reality, are inferior copies.

All Evotech Performance accessories are tested thoroughly before release to the market. Not just for clearance and ease of fit – EP accessories are designed to be fitted by the customer without modifications to the original chassis or chassis components – but also for quality of finish and the way they perform on the specific motorcycle.

Years of fabrication experience is obviously key to a polished product. So too is the correct equipment to turn base materials into works of art – have you seen the machining work that can go into an EP Tail Tidy for a Ducati Panigale V4S? It involves a lot of detailed machining by a five-axis milling centre.

One of the most important elements to testing EP products is feedback from Evotech Performance supported tier-1 racing teams. We have a long history with many British Superbike, Superstock and Supersport teams who choose to use EP race products, such as EP Race Radiator and Oil Cooler Guards plus one-off brackets on their racing machinery. All the Evotech Performance supported teams report back on our products so we can use this knowledge to push the quality of our EP accessories further still.

Another area of motorcycle sport where EP race products excel is on road racing bikes. We are talking the IoM TT, Macau Grand Prix, Northwest 200 and many more road-based racing events. When you’re reaching speeds upwards of 160mph, just one small stone chipping hitting the radiator can mean the end of race. EP Radiator Guards are recognised for their protective qualities while allowing much needed cooling air through to the radiator matrix.

The upshot of this story is would you trust an unknown radiator guard to protect your radiator and ensure trouble-free running? No, that’s why we manufacture so many!

By Evotech Performance on 16 April 2021