Recognition is a result of time, skill and quality of product

Taking into account the processes in place to ensure we only manufacture products from selected top-grade materials, how else do we to ensure the quality and safety aspect of EP accessories? Plenty, as it happens.

It’s difficult to give an accurate figure on how many counterfeit parts are produced in the Far East countries, but it is high, very high. The bizarre thing is most of these countries do not have easy access to the same brands and models as the rest of the world. So, what do counterfeiters do to cash in on volume selling accessories? Yes, that’s right, they copy a product that’s already been produced. This practice inevitably leads to problems for the customer.

Every Evotech Performance EP accessory is manufactured to be a specific product for a particular model. This involves hours of design work, from 3D scanning of a motorcycle to computer modelling, fabrication requirements, preproduction modelling and tooling manufacture. High importance is also placed on pre-production testing of EP accessories to maintain our reputation for quality.

A counterfeit product is simply a copy; a copy where manufacturing and component tolerances will never match a genuine EP accessory from the word go – a counterfeiter will in most cases not have the means to check mounting point alignment and clearance measurements on the model of motorcycle in question. They will also certainly use inferior (cheap) materials and fasteners, find different ways to produce exacting bends and component parts (read cheaper and quicker), which Evotech Performance may have designed/supplied for a specific purpose i.e. strengthening, anti-vibration and long-lasting durability.

Spacers and mounting brackets are precisely fabricated (includes intricate angles to deliver perfect mounting alignment). All products are designed to mirror the donor bike’s styling cues and will feature time-consuming machining to achieve this. In most cases, Evotech Performance will use steel threaded inserts within aluminium components because of their durability against a simple tapped thread in the alloy material. The aforementioned are just some of the many boxes we tick to uphold our reputation for quality products.

Let’s not forget the additional, finishing touches Evotech performance includes on all products but which counterfeiters struggle to match for cost or technical reasons. All EP component parts are deburred and aluminium EP components are finished in durable powder coat applied by way of an in-house ultra-modern powder coating station. All component parts are quantity and batch checked against original EP design specifications.

Of course, all Evotech Performance products carry 12-month warranty too. These warranties cover all EP products purchased from Our warranties begin on the day you receive your EP product, so if it develops a fault at any time within the first 12 months, a simple read of our Terms & Conditions website page will put you on a rapid route to being sorted. If you purchased an Evotech Performance accessory from one of our EU / international dealers / stockists, you should contact them in the first instance to organise a return under warranty. All of the above are standard procedures when dealing with a renowned business – it’s very, very unlikely the same response and back up is provided by an unknown, far eastern web-based trading page.

By Evotech Performance on 04 May 2021