Protection is just a hand’s length away

Any form of motorsport is good. Not just for being a viewing spectacle for millions of fans, but also because product and safety development will always lead to greater things for the consumer – the end buyer, us, the fans.

Think of it like this, if it wasn’t for motorcycle racing would we have 160+bhp bikes on the open road? Would we have traction control, quick shifters, riding modes, back torque limiters, semi-active suspension, lightweight and stiff chassis, and much more?

There’s another piece of equipment that is fast becoming popular for road and even off-road riding motorcyclists, which again stems from competition. It’s lightweight, does its job very well (well, depends who makes it) and can prevent a lot of damage to your bike, and ultimately you.

The EP Brake Lever Protector is a must have accessory. Not just for racing, but track days, road riding and adventurous off-road forays. What started off as a one-off project to produce a lightweight, stable brake lever guard for an Evotech Performance supported race team has now grown and grown and… you get the picture.

So, what makes EP Brake Lever Protectors better than the rest? Well, three words sum it all up: quality, they work.

Each EP Brake Lever Protector we produce is not only designed to reflect the aesthetics of the standard motorcycle – in other words fabricated to look like it is a standard factory-supplied item – but also made from quality sourced materials. Then there’s the consistency of finish that can really only be had from modern CNC machines, latest CNC-run software, and all expertly led by time-served engineers.

Then there’s the fact EP Brake Lever Protectors are designed to fit each model of motorcycle. Simply put, we do not produce ‘universal fitting’ protectors. How could anyone when there are so many different motorcycle models let alone internal handlebar mounting systems?

There are other details that help set our protectors apart from the rest. Testing comes into play to ensure they work by preventing accidental brake application – the tried and trusted design has shown they can also prevent serious damage to the brake master cylinder assembly as well as the lever. You’ll notice we also machine into the protector bar small holes and angles along the leading edge to ensure steering stability at high speed. Thanks again to our supported race team guinea pigs for their feedback.

Each EP Brake Lever Protector also comes with the correctly sized fasteners (if they are required) and a precisely fabricated method of utilising the original internal handlebar mount, or a completely new system. Our famed stainless steel EP Bar End Protectors are also supplied; yes, you read it right, two. Not just one for the brake protector but also a matching item for the clutch (left hand) side. Unless you also want an EP Clutch Lever Protector, which are also available.

By Evotech Retail on 04 July 2022