Evotech Performance views the way forward

Have you heard the news? Evotech Performance has developed a new product range that stems from enquiries made by existing and potential new customers.

The new range of EP Action / Dash Cam Mounts was primarily designed to enable riders to record their rides using mini sport-action cams but has since extended to become a rider safety aid.

Requests for a stable, easy to fit and adjustable platform on which to attach sport cams led the EP design team to adapt its popular range of EP Sat Nav / Smartphone Mounts for use with sport and dash cams. But the Evotech Performance design team have gone one step further with the development of a front fender mounting kit to deliver a different – dare we say even more exciting – view of the road ahead!

The first to be released EP Action / Dash Cam High Mount is a stainless steel / graded aluminium bracket system that utilises the top fork yoke’s handlebar clamps, or (model dependent) upper fairing mounts via a dedicated aluminium EP fairing bracket. Both types of mounts include an Evotech Performance-made tilt adjustable, universal three-prong mount that accepts the fitment plate of major brands of mini sport cams and popular dash cams. As with all Evotech Performance products, the UK-based company guarantees precise fitment without additional modifications to the chassis or chassis components.

The second type of action / dash cam mount is the EP Action / Dash Cam Front Mudguard Mount. As its name suggests, this unit is mounted to the bike’s front mudguard (aka front fender) by utilising the mudguard’s mounting points on the fork leg. The main support bracket is CNC machined from billet aluminium and is designed to provide a stable platform onto which bolts a supplied EP manufactured, tilt adjustable, universal three-prong mount to suit a wide range of mini sport cams and popular dash cams.

The range of EP Action / Dash Cam Mounts has already started rolling off the EP production lines to suit sports bikes, naked and adventure bikes, with the list growing weekly.

By Evotech Retail on 30 June 2022