Race Team Radiator Guards

Why fit an EP Radiator Guard?

How important is fitting a radiator guard to your bike? Rather than us answering that question, perhaps we should ask Michael Laverty? Or perhaps we should ask Peter Hickman? Apart from being the first two race winners for the 2016 BSB season, what associates these two successful riders sits just behind the front wheel of their superbikes: an Evotech Performance radiator guard. In fact, 5 out of the top 8 riders in Sundays second BSB race had an EP radiator guard protecting their machine.

Evotech Performance Radiator Guards

As reported last year, our initial brief for a race spec radiator guard was developed with the Milwuakee Yamaha team after they required extra protection for Josh Brookes R1 Superbike. Padgetts Honda were soon on board as well with protection for the major road races with rider Bruce Anstey. (See full blog here) We like to think that the extra protection offered was our small contribution towards helping Josh Brookes triumph as BSB Championship winner in 2015. milwaukee-yamaha-r1-evotech-performance-002

BSB Teams

The quality and durability of our guards spoke for itself. Over the winter, we were inundated with top level racing teams wanting the same high quality protection for their motorbikes.Tommy-Hill-Racing-2016-Evotech-Performance-Radiator-Guard-002 One BSB team owner who wanted Evotech Performance radiator guards is 2011 British Superbike champion Tommy Hill. He contacted us looking for radiator protection for his ePayMe R1 Yamahas, with experienced riders Stuart Easton and John Hopkins on board. Tommy is already well aware of the benefits of fitting a radiator guard following a crash in testing by Hopkins. Tommy told us, The guard protected the radiator from being damaged as it slid through the gravel trap. The gravel can be very aggressive and easily cause damage to fragile parts of the bike, such as the radiator. Admittedly, this is a slightly different scenario to the requirements of the average road rider but it certainly successfully tested our radiator guards to the maximum! Tyco-BMW-Evotech-Performance-Radiator-Guard-001TAS Tyco BMW also came to us for products for their S1000RR Superbikes for Christian Iddon and Michael Laverty. In a great start to the season, both riders stood on the podium in the first weekend. This success was echoed in Superstock for both Hutchinson and Elliott.  Whats more, TAS Tyco have also ordered radiator guards for the testing conditions of the 2016 road race season for all their riders including Ian Hutchinson and Josh Elliott. Tyco-BMW-Evotech-Performance-Radiator-Guard-002GBMoto Kawasaki are also running the Evotech Performance Radiator guards on their 2016 ZX10R Superbikes for Leon Haslam, James Ellison and Peter Hickman. Hickman will also be sporting EP radiator guards for the road races. If the start of the BSB season is to be believed, Hickman is in for a great year. GB-Moto-Racing-Evotech-Perfomance-Radiator-Guard

World Super Sport

Simon Buckmaster's CIA PTR World Supersport CBR600 Hondas have also been fitted with bespoke Evotech Performance radiator guards. PTR's experienced crew chief, Stuart Millen, reported that since removing the old style mesh from their radiators and fitting EP guards, their bikes were not only better protected but were actually running around 5 degrees cooler. This was despite the bike running in the 40 degrees heat of Thailand and Australia. This valuable feedback from an experienced world class team will translate directly into the parts that are available to fit to your pride and joy.

Road Racing

The list of teams choosing our part goes on. Watch BSB, WSS, the Isle of Man TT, North West 200 and Ulster GP and you will see Evotech Performance radiator guards are a popular addition to many top machines. Lee Johnston's East Coast Racing Triumph and BMWs along with Keith Flint's Team Traction Control CAME R6 Yamahas, to name a few. So, Evotech Performance radiator guards have been tried and tested in the extreme environment that only top level motorcycle racing can provide. This gives us the peace of mind that we are providing you, our valued customer, with the same level of protection for your bike.
By Dan Rack on 21 March 2017

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