Racing is go!

After a long break, domestic racing has returned and we couldn’t be more pleased! Racing is a huge part of the Evotech Performance business – not just in terms of our supported race teams. We’re genuinely passionate about the sport and spend many weekends (in our spare time) at the track.

It’s this passion that led us to first pledge our support to the Ohvale UK Cup in 2020 – a grassroots series open to eight-to-12-year-old aspiring racers. Despite some restrictions, the 2021 championship returned in April, so we caught up with series organiser, five-times Isle of Man TT winner and BSB competitor, Peter Hickman, to see how it’s been going so far. 

So far so good!
“The Ohvale UK Cup 110cc class has grown from 14 riders at the first round last year to 26 now, which is amazing! The new 160cc class started with only six riders this year and now we’re up to over 20. It’s really cool to see these classes grow and see the riders progress from meeting to meeting – it really is like a mini MotoGP race now!”

It can be difficult to juggle the series with my own racing as both are very time consuming!
“Luckily I have a great team by my side to help support me with both. I should say a big thanks to Helen, Amanda, Adele and Simon who all play a big part in looking after things!”

I give as much support as possible to the Ohvale UK Cup competitors.

“I attend most of the race meetings and do a track walk on an evening. I also put on free test days for the kids on Ohvale bikes across the country, which are always very popular! I’m free for them to ask any questions at any time, and if I see something obvious on track with any particular rider then I speak to them about it and give them advice on how to improve.”

Evotech Performance accessories make a big difference and reduce rider costs when they have a slip off.

“We have a range of Evotech Performance products on the Ohvale bikes. We use paddock stand bobbins, which also act as the rear axel crash protector, and we use half of the paddock stand bobbin on the front forks as crash protection too. We also use the EP Brake Lever Guard and EP Radiator Guard. All the riders are really happy with the EP accessories – everything from the fit, the look and the practicality. It’s all been very positive.”

The Ohvale UK Cup has turned out to be bigger than I ever imagined!

“I think the series is naturally growing which is great. I do have big plans for the future on how to expand further and give the riders a clear progression through the ranks to BSB and beyond, but more on this will become clearer over the next year or so.”

It feels mega to be back on track at BSB

“I had a very tough 2020, so to have had a really strong first round at Oulton Park was a breath of fresh air. I’m looking forward to more of the same. Settling in with FHO Racing has been great too. The team is much the same as it was before Faye [Ho] took over from Smiths BMW, so I already get on with everyone. We are a much bigger team now though and Faye really is taking it to the next level! It’s very exciting!”

I concentrated on my fitness over the winter.

“I concentracted on myself, more so than usual. I wanted to be in the best shape I could be for the team. I’m lighter, stronger and fitter than ever and hungry to win. A lot of this has been down to diet and physical training, which takes a lot of mind control as I hate the gym!”

EP accessories for Ohvale can be found here.

Find out more about the Ohvale UK Cup here.

By Evotech Retail on 22 July 2021