What you get and what you won’t

So you purchase a product that looks every part an Evotech Performance accessory – it may even be entitled a brand name that reads like “Evotech Performance” – but do you get the same benefits as if you had bought the genuine item? Not a chance.

Buying from Evotech Performance direct, your EP purchase is picked, packaged, and shipped out to your delivery address within 12 hours or less (stock allowing). Many counterfeit parts are never a stock item but ordered in when your payment is processed and banked. This is a time-consuming sales process that inevitably adds to the shipping time. From that time, you might, if lucky, get a notification your goods are on the way and a possible arrival date.

All Evotech Performance customers receive instant notification of shipping and a tracking code to be able to follow the route of their shipped goods. Depending on which shipping method our customers select, it is not uncommon for their purchased EP accessories to enter their home country within days. Delays from that point are usually at fault with country of entry customs systems, or regional delivery services and not Evotech Performance.

Fortunately, our track and trace shipping methods can usually pinpoint the reason for delivery delay. While delayed shipping is a frustration for our customers, we are only an email/online assistant/phone call/social media message away to help you. Have you ever tried to achieve a quick resolve with an unknown seller? It can be a painfully slow process.

Here at Evotech Performance, we take pride in our customer service and satisfaction. Damaged and missing components can occur during shipping, as can other small problems from the time of your order. In which case Evotech Performance will do everything in its power to bring a quick resolve to every genuine reported problem. Our customer response times are swift and we never offer alternative products – Evotech Performance only manufactures and retails quality motorcycle accessories and not myriad of other cheap consumer products – in order to raise or maintain a seller’s score rating or to avoid a poor review on the seller’s sales platform.

Evotech Performance actively encourages product reviews though independent e-sales review host Trusted Shops, which displays customer reviews for the world to see, and scores and rates our business based on customer feedback. Trusted Shops also offers a money-back guarantee in the result of a purchase issue.

Evotech Performance also champions environmentally friendly manufacturing and sustainability. In 2018, we decided to use sustainable alternative packaging for safely shipping EP accessories. Our loose product packaging is paper and tissue-based and is reusable, 100% recyclable and, more importantly, biodegradable. Our packing boxes are 100% recyclable, too. We’ve yet to receive a counterfeit product shipped and wrapped in the same sustainable manner...

By Evotech Performance on 30 June 2021