Racing to success with Evotech Performance – Pt 2

We work closely with our supported race teams to develop the best parts we can for the track, such as our Radiator Guards, which ultimately helps us to refine them for the road too. We caught up with Smiths Racing and McAMS to find out why they choose Evotech Performance accessories.

Darren “Daz” Jones , Team Coordinator and Crew Chief - Smiths Racing BMW

Tell us a little bit about your background in the industry.

I started off as a mechanic with Pete (Hickman) in 2010 and I’ve been with him ever since. I ran GBmoto Racing Kawasaki as team manager /workshop manager and then I came here with Pete. So, everywhere he’s gone, I’ve gone.

How long has Smiths Racing BMW been using EP Accessories and why did you choose them?

2015, I think, was when we first started using the radiator guards. I worked for the Kawasaki team and we used them there. We were obviously really happy with them; I came here and spoke to Dan Rack and carried on using them here!

Evotech Performance is local to me to start with so it makes life easier and, to be fair, without blowing smoke up their backsides, everything they do is quality. We went to EP’s factory the other day and had a tour and everything they do is just great. You can see the quality in the products and we’ve never had a problem with them. They’re good people to deal with, too.

I’ve noticed your T Bar holder, what other EP parts are the team running?

Yeah, T bar holder, radiator guards and we’ve actually got an EP tea coaster – wicked!

Do you have much input with development of accessories?

We leave it up to Evotech Performance but we do tell them if something doesn’t quite fit. For example, back in 2015, we had a rad guard that just needed a little tweaking, so we gave them a call. Not bad considering they like to design around an actual radiator to make it fit rather than guesstimate. But generally everything fits as soon as you get it.

Do you have much communication with EP?

Yeah, we do. We always get a ‘well done’ off them after the TT and stuff like that. I speak to Dan quite often and he’ll often send me a message asking how things are going; if we’re happy with everything; if we have any issues; or to ask if we need anything. When I got back from the TT, I had the superstock bike so I text Dan and asked: “Do you want the bike there for a photo?” It was something different and because he’s local it just made sense and that’s when we had the factory tour, which was pretty cool!

What’s your favourite thing about working with the team?

Winning the TT! The fact that it’s a family run team; we’re all a bunch of mates going racing, which I think helps Pete for definite.

Chris Anderson, Crew Chief – McAMS Yamaha

Which EP accessories are you currently using?

We’re running EP radiator and oil cooler guards, EP battery box, ECU mount, exhaust bracket and speed rings. The EP guys are presently making us a brake protector.

What’s the impact on the team and the bike since using EP parts?

Without them, we’d have struggled. I don’t think there’s anybody else in the country that can do what Evotech Performance can do. We love the radiator guards; they’re perfect and we’ll only ever take them off to clean them. They’re there to be damaged to protect the bike.

We’re supported directly by Yamaha and Dan and Chris at Evotech Performance have helped us by making parts better than what we were getting from the factory. For example, the exhaust hanger, the battery box is better than what is supplied by the factory because they made it to suit, we run Motec as all of the BSB teams do, so our ECU’s are different from those the factory currently use. EP made a bracket and battery box specifically for us.

How much communication do you have with Evotech Performance?

We have really good connection with the guys at Evotech. They’ve been a pleasure to work with and it helps that Dan has been working in racing for so long – he knows the level of standard required and the speed in which you need the parts. They’ve always got racing in the back of their minds.

By Dan Rack on 10 August 2018

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