Working closely with our supported race teams enables Evotech Performance to design and produce detailed racing components very quickly. Then there are our EP Radiator Guards, of which the racing versions ultimately help to define our EP road equivalents. We recently caught up with Simon Buckmaster, PTR Honda for his reasons why they use Evotech Performance accessories.

How long has PTR Honda been associated with Evotech Performance?

Dan Rack from Evotech Performance and I first worked together in’06, Dan used to work with the teams that I managed and then he evolved to concentrate on Evotech Performance, which has always made specialist parts for us. Dan was actually making parts for us before Evotech Performance was formed…

Dan and I are friends from way back. When I talked about what I needed making for a bike, he would say: “Evotech Performance could make it…” After that, because EP would do such a quick and professional job, we continued to work with them – Evotech Performance delivers exactly what we need to improve our bike for racing.

Which EP components are you currently running?

Over the years, Evotech Performance has made our radiator guards, holders for the overflow bottles, brackets for the fairings and rear lane light. Our current bellmouths are also by Evotech, plus many other specialist detail parts.

What improvements come with the EP parts?

They make the bike more comfortable for the rider, easier to work on for the technicians and together make for a better racing motorcycle.

Do you and EP communicate much or have much input in development?

Evotech Performance will come to us with ideas, or we’ll go to them. Either way we discuss things together. We rely on their technical input and experience to advise us the best way for the parts to be made. They’re very professional and have always done a great job for us. In fact EP will always do their best for us; they’re always as flexible as possible to deliver on time what’s needed when it’s needed.

I’d like to give my thanks to Dan, Chris and everyone else at Evotech Performance for the great service they provide and long may it continue!

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