Smiles by design

Let Evotech Performance put a smile on someone’s face this Xmas. We here at Evotech Performance have an incredible fan following and customer base because of our renowned accessories, but not many people know we also manufacture and sell EP products that, simply put, do not fit on motorcycles. Any sort of motorcycle. But as a Xmas gift to loved ones and friends, or personal use purchase, these alternative EP products are the dog’s doo-dahs. So what are they? Here goes…

An EP Carbon Fibre T-bar Holder (pictured above) is a must for the home mechanic. If our T-bar holder is good enough for BSB, WSB and MotoGP technicians, then they’re ripe for anyone with a set of ‘spinner’ T-bars. Made from carbon fibre and machined aluminium alloy, these lightweight but strong T-bar holders are vital for easy access and storage. Affix to a toolbox / toolchest or wall, you too can be the envy of friends or enemies for just £49.99. Check out the 360° product view image and order right here.

Fed up with removing fasteners and small components and placing them around the garage or shed just so they can go missing without any explanation? If yes, you or someone will be very happy to receive an EP Stainless Steel Parts Tray. Seen in pit-lane and mobile workshops around the globe, this valued stainless steel construction parts tray is seriously durable, with deep walls to stop fasteners and even tools from pole vaulting to freedom. Never lose another 10 mm socket (again) and keep parts / tools safe and clean for just £49.99. Check it out here.

The EP Mug Coaster is fabricated in the same way and style as the world-famous EP Radiator and EP Oil Cooler Guards. Each coaster is made from aerospace quality aluminium alloy and features a race proven hexagonal matrix hole pattern for maximum cooling airflow and protection from workbench debris. Non-slip feet are the very same anti-vibration rubber pads seen on a variety of our road and race guards.

So successful was the EP Mug Coaster aka bench and mug saver, Evotech performance decided to put the famous EP Mug and EP Coaster together for sale as an EP Limited Edition Mug & Coaster Set. Do the right thing and make Xmas perfect by getting yours now (as a gift, right?), while stocks last. Click here for purchase and shipping info.

By Evotech Retail on 30 November 2021