Spring has sprung!

Dry roads and warmer days are literally around the corner and those winter days preparing your bikes for the new riding season are about to be realised. For many of our customers, winter is a time for deep cleaning their bike, keeping the battery charged and fitting new accessories. The staff here at Evotech Performance are no different – we all ride motorcycles and we also care for our hard-earned pride and joy.

Ask any of us what we do in preparation for getting on the road after a winter lay-off and we would all reply with the same advice.

  • Don’t just check tyre pressures, spin the wheels and have a good look for any obvious signs of rubber degradation (splits, cracks, unseen objects stuck in the tyre), and if the tyre valves are solidly mounted in place.
  • If you’re mechanically-minded, lift/remove the fuel tank and bodywork to check for any signs of corrosion in all electrical connectors – surface water and road spray gets everywhere including areas you wouldn’t think were possible to get wet.
  • Bounce the front forks and rear suspension to check no seals have blown. Obvious signs are drips of suspension fluid pooling on the floor or soaking the carefully paced garage carpet. Not so obvious are the slow weeping seals, where the fork tubes and rear shock’s piston rod feel greasy and have slowly darkened (tainted) the sheen of the lower section of the forks (caliper/spindle mounts) or lower mounting point of the rear shock.
  • Recheck fastener tightness of all accessories you’ve fitted – yes, even Evotech Performance accessories. Your safety is not to be dismissed and engine vibration, road surface bumps, high speed riding and braking can all affect every fastener on a motorcycle. So, check every fastener you can. It’s not just stones and road debris that can puncture a radiator of the motorcycle behind you; it could be one of the bolts from the aftermarket exhaust or rearsets you fitted last year!

From us all Evotech performance, have a brilliant riding year. See you on the road.

By Evotech Retail on 29 March 2022