Suzuki GSX-8S collection now available

The 2023 Suzuki GSX-8S has set alight the affordable, naked motorcycle segment this year. Given that it is viewed as level entry machine, this roadster delivers all the answers to the reasons why we need two-wheels. Affordable, stylish, and a punchy engine married to a chassis that suits all levels of rider experience, the GSX-8S has already amassed fans across Europe and beyond.

The GSX-8S was a perfect platform for Evotech Performance to extend its EP Fly Screen portfolio. The main panel (screen) of the GSX-8S EP Fly Screen is high quality black ABS plastic. Its flowing, upswept angular lines fit perfectly with the Suzuki’s very modern style. The screen protects the rear of the dash display from possible damage caused by stones and other debris that get flicked up from the front tyre and passing traffic. It also helps prevent the display’s rear and wiring from being peppered with flies and dirty surface water. Supplied in the EP Fly Screen kit is an aluminium mounting bracket, perfectly formed to enable a fuss-free install, and is powder coat finished. The kit also includes relevant fasteners where required.

In addition, the accessory range of EP Bar End Mirrors for naked motorcycles grows wider. For the GSX-8S there are three formats available. 1) L&R mirrors, 2) L&R mirrors with EP Brake Lever Protector, and 3) L&R mirrors with EP Brake & Clutch Lever Protectors. All EP Bar End Mirrors feature model specific handlebar internal mounts. EP Bar End Mirrors are quality-made products that include precision moulded nylon, billet aluminium and stainless steel. The adjustable design allows riders to personalise the mirror angle, ensuring optimal rearview clarity.

The GSX-8S EP Fly Screen and range of EP Bar End Mirrors are just two products from the new EP Accessory Line dedicated to the Suzuki GSX-8S. Shop the full range here.

By Evotech Retail on 29 September 2023