Time for reflection?

Busy times at Evotech Performance! Alongside the development of our in-demand EP accessories, we also try to find time to develop new, never seen before EP accessories…

After an idea and initial discussion comes the reality of turning thoughts into computer-aided designs followed by physical prototypes and their thorough testing. It’s a lengthy process and often must be repeated more than once to get everything spot on. As fabrication engineers, every detail has to be looked at and improved to ensure the finished item is nothing but quality.

This leads to our latest product, which we are really excited to reveal, an all-new three-tier range of EP Bar End Mirrors.

The Evotech Performance range of EP Bar End Mirrors are alternative replacements for the standard mirrors on a range of naked roadster, high performance naked-sports and retro motorcycles. Their unique design allows them to fit at the outer reach of the handlebar / clip-on bars on a wide range of models without any modifications.

With the EP Bar End Mirrors mounted at the widest point of the handlebar / clip-ons, the rearward view is enhanced because reflection of the rider’s elbows / shoulders is significantly reduced or eliminated completely. The way these new motorcycle mirrors are designed to be adjustable allows riders to personalise the mirror angle, ensuring optimal rearview clarity.

EP Bar End Mirrors are quality-made products that include precision moulded nylon, billet aluminium and stainless steel. All EP Bar End Mirrors feature model specific internal handlebar mounting systems meaning they are not universal to ensure a precise, positive connection to the chassis. In other words, there’s no play and certainly no need to over tighten any fasteners to hold them in place or stop them from wobbling.

Another key feature is the fact our new motorcycle mirrors can be purchased with matching EP Handlebar Lever Protectors! These protectors are fabricated to the same specification as the lever protectors supplied to EP-supported international racing teams. Furthermore, the modular design facilitates 22° of lever protector position adjustment for accurate alignment to the levers.

EP Bar End Mirrors are available in three formats:

  • R & L-hand EP Bar End Mirror Set
  • R & L-hand EP Bar End Mirror Set + Front Brake Lever Protector
  • R & L-hand EP Bar End Mirror Set + Front Brake & Clutch Lever Protector.

With the EP Bar End Mirror set being a modular design, mirror assemblies can be removed and replaced with optional to buy EP Bar End Weights, or EP Lever Protectors – ideal for track day users.

Needless to say, every component part of these new motorcycle mirrors is fabricated to exacting standards from only the finest materials using the latest CNC / milling centres and software. Additional key features include:

  • Mirror stems are CNC-machined from aerospace grade billet aluminium
  • Lever protectors fabricated from graded aluminium and feature CNC-machined airflow holes and angles along the leading edge to ensure steering stability at high-speed
  • EP Handlebar Lever Protectors fabricated to the same specification as lever protectors supplied to Evotech Performance supported racing teams
  • CNC-machined figure detailing on lower section of mirror stems and bar end bushes
  • Stainless steel Cap Head mounting bolts
  • Mirror adjustment / pivot mechanism machined from stainless steel
  • Mirrors are pivot adjustable for optimum rearward view
  • EP Lever Protector position swivel adjustable (22°)
  • Mirror glass BS 857 certified
  • Quality injection moulded nylon mirror housing features Evotech Performance logo
  • Key aluminium components are black powder coated to enhance styling and durability
  • Internal mounting mechanism is model specific i.e., not universal application
  • No modifications to existing chassis components e.g. handlebar grips, switchgear, handlebar tube.

Visit your model page to see if EP Bar End Mirrors are available for your bike.

By Evotech Retail on 16 October 2023