BMW S 1000 R 2017-2018 – EP CRASH PROTECTORS

The smallest of things can raise a smile. The sight of a teabag being lifted from the Evotech Performance tea caddy and dropped into a mug makes everyone here grin like a veteran cider-taster on overtime. Similarly, small details can also cause people to go tight-lipped and squint in frustration because of the angst they bring, especially when they force a change from the norm and produce a knock on effect.

When BMW Motorrad introduced the S 1000 R super naked sports tool in 2013, Evotech Performance was quick off the mark to design and manufacture a range of innovative products. These include, but not all, EP Radiator and Oil Cooler Guards, EP Tail Tidy and, of course, the legendary EP Crash Protectors – these easy to install “no drill” fitment protectors became – and still are – very popular for the early generation S 1000 R.


But then one of those small changes we talked about earlier caused a right royal knock on effect. On last year’s S 1000 R (MY2017), BMW Motorrad made a slight modification to the bike’s minimalist upper cowling set, which meant the previous EP Crash Protectors were not suitable because of a change to the required mounting areas. This change left more than one MY17/18 S 1000 R owner without the crash protection afforded by our previous accessory system; cue many owners with furrowed brows and us reaching for the 3D scanning equipment and precise measuring tools.

After development, testing and several litres of strong tea, Evotech Performance is pleased to announce the final production versions of EP Crash Protectors for MY2017-2018 BMW S 1000 R. To any S 1000 R owner who has owned the early model (2013-2016), the latest EP Crash Protectors will appear very different to look at, while still retaining that protection Evotech Performance products have always delivered.

The change in the S 1000 R’s bodywork meant a new design was required to ensure a secure and hassle-free(no drilling or cutting of the cowling lower) method of providing fixing points for the all-important injected nylon bobbins of the EP Crash Protectors. Rather than simply modifying the original EP protection system, we have gone all-out to produce a new “dual load system”, which incorporates a cross-assembly shaft linking the left and right protector mounting points. This method increases the mounting rigidity and creates an integral connection across the S 1000 R’s main engine mounting area.

The mounts for the new EP Crash Protectors (S 1000 R 2017/18) are manufactured, as usual, from CNC machined aluminium and powder coated black for a durable finish. The black-only nylon protector bobbins feature anodised aluminium cores to achieve a durable mechanical connection and polyurethane washers to enhance shock resistance. Needless to say, no modifications to the S 1000 R are required to achieve installation – installation made even easier with the picture-led, downloadable instruction document. As with all EP Crash Protectors, individual spare parts are available.

For further information on the 2017-18 BMW S 1000 R EP Crash Protectors, please visit the relevant product page, where you will also find a range of Evotech Performance quality assured accessories for this super-naked motorcycle.

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