Choice. A great deal of choice. In fact there are so many new and revised models in 2018, it begs the question: have there ever been so many different styles, genre and different versions of motorcycles to choose from as there is now? No matter what the answer – if we are wrong or right – the simple truth is there are a lot of bikes new and second-hand to choose from and, hopefully, purchase.

Because there is so much variation born of demand and trends, it must be a real pain for a manufacturer to design a bike that will be an instant success; a bike that ticks a lot of riders’ boxes to make it a big seller and justify the design, tooling and production. Let’s not forget the endless hours of boardroom and team planning meetings. But then, when a manufacturer does get it right, the payback is huge in terms of sales. One such bike in 2018 has to be Kawasaki’s Z900RS.


Playing to today’s demand for “retro” with modern technology isn’t an easy thing to accomplish. Not everyone wants a super naked styled to be uber-modern with angles and creases. There are an awful lot more folks who don’t want to ride bobbers, custom cruisers and big trailies, too. So a retro that delivers excellent riding dynamics and styled to mimic machines from the golden era of bikes has to be a winner… and this is why demand for Kawasaki’s Z900RS has outstripped supply. Yep, it appears motorcyclists across planet earth have fallen in love for a bike that looks like a 1970’s “muscle bike” – with modern day performance!

For us here at Evotech Performance, the old giffers at least, it’s like we have magically shifted back to a point in time when muscle bikes roamed A-roads, carved footpeg furrows in B-roads and congregated in pub car parks or outside a venue hosting a Radio Caroline Rock Night. Ok, maybe not. But when we have Z900RS customers contacting us for EP accessories to put on their bike way before they physically have it in their garage/shed/front room, it royally fuels our good-time memory trips.

Needless to say, Evotech Performance has produced a range of quality EP accessories for the Kawasaki Z900RS, which are also designed to fit the Z900RS Cafe and the ‘Performance’ variants of these two models. You can find all of these accessories, from EP Tail Tidy to EP Mirror Extensions on our Kawasaki shopping pages.

The EP accessory range for the Z900RS is of the usual precise fabricated designs that have won us many fans. However, there was a need for some bespoke design touches for this particular model.

The EP Tail Tidy for the Z900RS replicates that 1970/80s cut down rear fender-look that graced so many bikes of that era. The main component pieces are of formed aluminium alloy with durable black powder coat finish and include mounting threads press-fitted in place for ease of fit. But because of the style of indicators used by Kawasaki, this particular EP Tail Tidy also includes vacuum-formed ABS plastic replacement indicator base mounts to ensure a stylish and secure fit of the original Kawasaki indicators. Along with additional fasteners, wiring grommets and cable-ties where required, and plug & play wire connection, fitment of the EP Tail Tidy is a fuss free affair.


Spurred on by Z900RS buyers asking for a chromed radiator guard, we went one better. Available alongside our usual black finished aluminium EP Radiator Guard, our alternative radiator guard is made from 300 series stainless steel with a slight “brushed” effect final finish. It is a stunning guard to view but the real beauty is its anti-corrosion property, where steel and chromium plating is at the mercy to the elements and road debris. Oh, and yes this guard also features our hexagonal matrix hole pattern for optimum airflow at all speeds. Formed to mirror the radiator’s bends and curves, no chassis modifications are required to install. Easy.

Must be time for a brew…

By Ankit Spice Gems on 02 May 2018

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