Ducati Scrambler 1100 – heritage meets style from Evotech Performance

Ducati’s Scrambler 1100 series draws heavily on the Italian brand’s original Scrambler series of the 60s and early 70s. Today’s Scrambler 1100, 1100 Sport and 1100 Special have been designed and built with Ducati heritage in mind, which makes solid the connection between old school bike styling and new tech a lot more palatable than some retro offerings coming to market.

Meanwhile, Ducati is on an icon-roll with this latest Scrambler offering. Whereas the norm for motorcycle media is to wish there is more available horsepower, the Scrambler 1100 bikes do not need more than the claimed 84-85 bhp. Quite simply, these bikes aren’t about top speed. Instead, they are designed to deliver simple riding pleasure – the point, squirt, change gear and repeat style of riding enables the rider to watch the world come and go in a much more subdued kind of pace. Because of this, the 1100 Scrambler is a grin-inducing joy to ride. It could be better, mind.

The ride-by-wire throttle is actually very smooth considering the L-twin (v-twin in non-Ducati world) is throwing 1079cc worth of pistons up and down the bores. Add riding modes and ABS and the Scrambler is as safe as… most bikes today. Which is a shame because if all the electronics were junked, we’re 99% sure the ride would be more involving and, therefore, fulfilling, especially with the long-ish chassis and firm-as-standard but adjustable suspension.

Looks-wise, the brighter (read stand out) the colour scheme, the better the Ducati looks. All three models sport the usual overly-long tail section that really makes the bike look as long as a canal boat. Design and fabrication of an EP Tail Tidy was first on our must sort list. Our fabrication experience has led to a tail tidy that is not only shorter but also considerably lighter (540g versus the original’s 1,360g). A weight saving of 820g might not sound like much but it is. The EP Tail Tidy also restores the original street-scrambler’s go-anywhere styling that the Scrambler 1100 bikes take their styling cues from.

The EP Tail Tidy consists of three main component pieces produced from CNC machined aluminium alloy plate (6mm thick used on main mounting arms), with all mounting points and cutaways to precisely match the original item for easy fitting. What is also particularly choice about the EP Tail Tidy is it isn’t a basic “bolt on” item that mounts below the main tail section, but precisely slots between the upper tail section and under-guard/tray as per the original. Black powder coat finish completes the “factory finish” and ensures durability.

To top up the Scrambler’s looks requires minimal effort on the owner’s part. The fitment of an EP Oil Cooler Guard will help and provide protection from road debris, while the EP hexagonal matrix hole pattern maintains unrestricted, cooling airflow. Fabricated from aluminium to mimic the lines of the oil cooler area, the EP Oil Cooler Guard also protects the Scrambler’s vulnerable rectifier. The guard also features a subtle embossed “X” pattern in the frontal area as a nod to today’s MotoX scene, which originates from the original scrambler bike genre. The EP Oil Cooler Guard utilises original fixing points on the chassis for easy and secure mounting.

Ducati’s latest offering is Scrambler by name but hardly a dirt scrambler by nature, unfortunately. We certainly wouldn’t look to going off-road, but quite a few will be tempted. An EP Engine Protector Guard will not only protect the underside of the Ducati engine but also the low-slung front cylinder area too – no one likes a peppered cylinder. Produced from aluminium alloy and CNC machined, the slotted areas allow cooling airflow through to the engine as well as making for eye-catching detail. This lightweight but tough guard comes with stainless steel mounting brackets and stainless fasteners.

On-road or off-road riding (maybe) ideally requires the ultimate in crash protection to reduce possible damage. Unlike similar items available from some other brands, our EP Crash Protectors are manufactured to give the appearance of being a ‘standard’ part. A bolt-through mounting system (across the frame) gives an ideal mechanical connection to the chassis that aids spreading impact load. In-line polyurethane washers enhance shock resistance.

The kit includes a replacement engine mount bolt/spindle (stainless steel with rolled threads for strength), injection moulded nylon bobbins with anodised aluminium cores and spacer mounts turned from 6000-series aluminium. Used in conjunction with EP Spindle Bobbins front and rear, hand guards and front caliper protector guards (see them here), your Ducati Scrambler will be primed ready to take on anything and come away with a good result.
By Chris Vines on 27 November 2018