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Ducati Scrambler Products

Ducati Scrambler  with Evotech Performance PartsThe world seems to be looking back to the past at the moment. Clothing, cameras, and now motorbikes are following the trend. Ducati have just released their new Scrambler for 2015 which they describe as ‘post-heritage’ and here at Evotech Performance, we've finally got our hands on one.  We've been curious about this bike for a while. The Scrambler harks back to Ducati models from the 60s and 70s yet blends retro style with their modern production technology. The question running around the tea room was "Can two eras work side by side and prove this bike Ducati’s next best seller"?  From what we've seen, it could well be. We've had the Ducati Scrambler Icon in our workshop to give it the Evotech Performance touch. Italia Motorcycles in Lincoln proved good friends again, for lending us the bike, but due to its popularity for road tests, we could only have it for a day at a time.  All the four style packages, Icon, Urban, Enduro and Classic offer the same 803cc L-twin engine and trellis frame. It’s the wheels, seat and exhaust which are the main differences in the range, along with a few different accessories and paint schemes. It’s an easy ride with a seat height that is going to please a lot of riders. Whichever style you select, the Evotech Performance bespoke parts we have been designing for the Ducati Scrambler 2015 will add the final touch.

Scrambler Tail Tidy

Ducati Scrambler Tail TidyThe obvious improvement to tidy the back end is with our ever popular Evotech Performance tail tidy / Fender Eliminator. We decided to remove the bulky number plate mount from the swing arm and secure the number plate beneath the rear mud guard. As with every tail tidy we make, we ensure that the wiring is tidied away within the part itself, making the rear lines sleek and clean whilst still being fully compatible with UK road legal licence plates.

Ducati Scrambler Crash Protection

Ducati Scrambler Crash protection The Evotech Performance main frame sliders will ensure your bodywork is saved damage from any minor spills. The kit uses a 'through spindle' spanning the width of the bike to securely mount the bobbin heads to the main frame. Our most innovative addition for this bike is the paddock stand bobbins.  On close inspection, we found there was not enough space on the bike for both rear spindle bobbins and paddock stand bobbins.  The answer was a bobbin which combined the two mounted as a normal spindle bobbin would, a design we first introduced for the Yamaha MT07.

Scrambler Oil Cooler & Rectifier Guards

Ducati Scrambler Oil Cooler GuardWe've been working hard on other Scrambler parts too.  Our Scrambler oil cooler guards are often a favourite.  We have applied our typical hexagonal perforation which provides robust protection for the heart of your bike. We also offer a guard with matching perforations for the rectifier to help reduce any damage from debris thrown up by the front wheel.

Ducati Scrambler Engine Guard

Ducati Scrambler Engine Guard Evotech Performance have also designed an Ducati Scrambler engine guard that covers up the underside of the engine casing and helps protect vital pipes and wires routed under the bike. This flowing sump guard adds the finishing touch to the bike, creating a smooth defining line to an area that otherwise looks a little untidy. It’s always a waiting game to see if a promising bike becomes as popular as it promises to be.  We think this one is going to be a winner and for those of you lucky enough to get one, Evotech Performance Ducati parts are here waiting for you.
By Dan Rack on 09 April 2015

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