Evotech Performance Tail Tidy Range

Our Approach

Evotech Performance have been designing and manufacturing Tail Tidies (fender eliminators) in the UK for over a decade. In this time, we have developed our own unique style, making our EP products easily identifiable. We approach every Fender Eliminator project with the same end goal; to create a product that integrates so perfectly with the bike, that it looks like it came as original equipment (OEM). Kawasaki-Z800-Tail-Tidy or Fender Eliminator

Evotech Performance Tail Tidies

Our Tail Tidy designs start out life as a sketch or rough concept, based around what the bike presents in terms or shapes and mounting points. Through a detailed design process, these ideas evolve into the final product.  At every stage of development, each part is heavily scrutinised against a set of design criteria, including manufacturing processes, shipment and final installation. All of our Fender Eliminators go through a prototyping and testing stage. This often involves our 3D scanner and rapid manufacture printer. These tools help us to convert a 3D, virtual model into a physical part that can be installed onto a bike, ensuring a perfect fit. Yamaha-MT09-ZF09 Fender Eliminator

Perfect Motorcycle Integration

Evotech Performance Licence Plate Holders, are designed to fit existing indicators and tail lights on the bike, using the OEM wiring looms for plug and play installation. However, sometimes, we feel a better look can be achieved by supplying our own E marked LED tail light, as with the Yamaha MT-09, we provide a much more compact unit. EP have developed a system called CWD (Concealed Wire Design), whereby any wiring from the turn signals and light unit run internally through the Tail Tidy. This system, not only protects the wiring from being damaged by road debris, it creates a very clean look to the underneath of the pillion seat or seat cowl. Ducati-Hypermotard Tail Tidy

EP Quality Control

We set ourselves an incredibly high standard of manufacturing in order for the final product to pass quality control. To achieve this, we have to start with the best materials available. All of our EP Tail Tidies are CNC machined from aircraft grade aluminium with a high strength to weight ratio.  Through strategic weight saving designs, we are able to produce a very light product. EP Tail Tidies have a highly durable powder coating finish for corrosion resistance and a quality feel. We also supply all of our products with stainless steel fasteners, ensuring a long product life.  Tail-Tidy Triumph Daytona 675 Street Triple

The Future for EP Tail Tidies

At EP we look to push the boundaries of design and manufacture with each new Tail Tidy release. In this ever evolving world of technology and manufacturing techniques, we look to take on board new software, or new approaches to design. Bike manufacturers are at the forefront of this evolution. Often driven on by Motorsport, where the demand for lighter, stronger, more durable parts is never ending. EP include these same techniques and processes in our manufacturing, ensuring that our products and therefore, your bike, never look out-dated.
By Dan Rack on 04 April 2014

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