Suzuki SV1000S 2005 - 2015

The Suzuki SV1000 is a purpose built big capacity, sensibly priced, road going sporty V-twin. Ok, the engine’s nicked from Suzuki’s old TL1000 but the rest of the SV1000 is all-new yet the price tag is very reasonable new or used. The faired Suzuki SV1000 ‘S’ version has lower bars but is the better all-rounder. The unfaired SV1000 with higher bars is a real funster if less competent on the motorway. The Suzuki SV1000's chunky aluminium frame with conventional suspension and it works better than the TL1000S ever did. The SV1000's suspension’s not quite as good as pure sports bikes but it’s fine for most people. If you do lots of track days and fancy aftermarket shock and fork re-build will enable you to flick from peg to peg in an instant with no grief. Brakes on the Suzuki SV1000 are strong but work best with fresh fluid.
Evotech performances designers have made bold statement with the aftermarket products for the SV1000. This includes Suzuki motorcycle parts such as the tail tidy, crash protection, spindle bobbins, exhaust hangers and bar end weights all reflect the strength and robustness of the SV1000.

SuzukiEP Suzuki SV1000S Paddock Stand Bobbins 2005 - 2015

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SuzukiEP Suzuki SV1000S Tail Tidy 2005 - 2015

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