BMW R nineT EP Tail Tidy – light and lighten up your tail life

BMW Motorrad scored a major goal when Swede Ola Stenegard, the then Head of Vehicle Design, penned the BMW R nineT. The ‘classic-styled’ bike was an instant hit with old guard bikers and today’s motorcyclists alike, with good reason: simply put, it’s a lovely bike to ride and is a whiter than white blank canvas for personal interpretation – that’s customisation to you and us. The bike’s overnight sales success was boosted with a serious marketing campaign that led to specialist custom builders across the globe knocking up some pretty tasty R nineT specials. From café racer to 1950’s racing machinery to scramblers, these custom projects were talked about. Lots.

 Very quickly, the R nineT became the basis for Motorrad’s “Heritage” range of models, which has now grown to five models added, all based on the same running gear of Boxer Twin engine and tubular steel chassis derived from the R nineT. Of course, being BMW, the German brand saw an opening for a ruck of branded bolt-on accessories, such as bare aluminium café racer-styled fuel tank, solo seat converter, and much more. But, of course, there’s always room for precision-made, Evotech Performance accessories…

 We’ve recently added to our expanding list of EP Accessories an EP Tail Tidy to fit the R nineT and its four siblings of Pure, Racer, Scrambler and Urban G/S. To enable one Tail Tidy to fit precisely all five models was a technical challenge but nothing the design team couldn’t complete. The EP Tail Tidy design also had to accommodate the R nineT’s removable cast aluminium tail section – can be removed to make the R nineT a dedicated solo seat machine and assist with custom builds – to carry the lighting system and prevent rain spray getting up and into the area below the seat.

 There are four main sections that make up the R nineT EP Tail Tidy. Firstly a vacuum-formed plastic under-tray has been designed so it can fit to the standard R nineT, or with the rear tail removed. This under-tray chiefly prevents ingress of water. A main spine of precisely formed aluminium sheet provides a secure install and acts as a mounting point for a precision machined indicator stub assembly and the registration plate mount. There is also a comprehensive install kit consisting of blacked stainless steel fasteners, top hat spacers, registration plate carriers for international markets and reflector kit.

 For EMEA and other markets, the R nineT’s indicators and rear tail light are retained and have the same plug & play connection. USA R nineT owners should order the US –specification EP Tail Tidy that comes complete with a replacement EP LED Tail Light unit.

 As the pictures show, the EP Tail Tidy makes a dramatic difference to the standard R nineT silhouette and reduces overall weight – and all by being functional and discrete. What’s more, you’ll find an extensive suite of quality Evotech Performance accessories for the R nineT on the Evotech Performance website.

By Evotech Performance on 01 April 2019

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