EP accessories 101

Spring has most definitely sprung in the UK, which means longer days and lighter nights… and more time to enjoy those after-work rides!

It looks like most of the long-awaited 2023 models are finally starting to arrive in dealerships too, so if you’ve had your name on a new Honda CB750 Hornet, a race-ready BMW M 1000 RR or an upgraded Triumph Street Triple 765, you’re probably making space in your garage right about now…

This also means that you might be considering what accessories you need to really make your new bike your own. Tail tidy to smarten its rear end? Crash protection for added peace of mind? Or maybe a sat nav mount to ensure you always get home on time?

If you’re not really sure what you’re looking for, our ultimate guide to EP accessories should help you out. Happy shopping!

EP Tail Tidy
Evotech Performance has an enviable reputation for designing and fabricating the best tail tidies available. The one area of a motorcycle that benefits from modification is the tail section, specifically the area of the rear fender. Replacing the rear fender along with relocating some or all of the rear lighting assembly gives the motorcycle a sportier stance.

EP Crash protection
EP Crash Protection helps to safeguard the motorcycle in the case of an incident. An “incident” doesn’t necessarily mean a big off on gravel or diesel covered roads though – dropping a bike while at standstill is common (even if not readily admitted). EP Crash Protection typically features two major components: 1) high density nylon crash bobbins with internal aluminium cores (inserted during the moulding process) that take the brunt of surface impact. And 2) exquisite CNC-machined EP frame mounts or replacement chassis-to-engine bolts, which the EP crash bobbins are rigidly held in place.

EP Radiator Guard
A radiator guard is a shield that fits to the front (and sometimes the side) of your motorcycle’s radiator. The main reason for fitting a radiator guard to your bike is to protect the radiator from road debris, while still allowing essential cooling air to pass through. Regardless of the speed you’re travelling or the performance of your bike, there is a high risk of a stone being flung from your front tyre or passing traffic, denting or even puncturing your bike’s radiator. As a fragile component, the radiator is very difficult to repair and even more expensive to replace, so it’s more economical to protect it with an EP Radiator Guard.

EP Spindle Bobbins
Spindle bobbins are a “bolt-on” accessory kit designed to help protect the ends of the wheel spindle ends from damage in the event of your bike making contact with the ground – not just at riding speed but also from standstill. However, spindle bobbins do more than protect the threaded section or the spindle securing bolt. The bobbins raised profile helps prevent road surface damage to the lower section of the fork legs i.e. the spindle clamps, front wheel rim and tyre, and brake calipers.

EP Sat Nav Mounts
An EP Sat Nav Mount is, as the name suggests, an EP motorcycle model specific bracket to provide a stable, secure method of attaching market leading sat nav systems. However, EP mounts can also accept fitment of popular GPS-enabled smartphones.

EP Action/Safety Camera Mount
EP's action camera mount allows the rider to record the ride from several optimum viewing positions. The brackets can be quickly installed using our online instructions and are compatible with all action camera devices using the universal action camera mounting system.

EP Engine Guard
EP Engine Guards protect the front of the engine cylinder and manifold from stones and other road debris. The guard is formed for a close fit to ensure road and front end clearance. Used in conjunction with EP Radiator and Oil Cooler Guards, the motorcycle’s engine and cooling components are fully protected – and look good while doing so. The EP Engine Guard is black powder coat finished for durability.

By Evotech Retail on 20 April 2023