Race to road

We all like to think we could be the next top motorcycle racer, but if you’re anything like us, you’re lucky to get your knee down on a track day! Sunday rides around the Lincolnshire Wolds is more our thing nowadays, but there’s no reason why our bikes can’t get a racing upgrade…

Evotech Performance parts are used by many top motorcycle teams in both the British and world series’ and if they’re good enough for the racetrack, they’re good enough for the road too! Want to upgrade your Honda like John McGuinness’ HRC Fireblade? Fancy kitting your Ducati out like PBM’s BeerMonster? You may never be able to ride the FHO Racing BMW like Peter Hickman, but at least you can look the part!

EP Brake Lever Protectors
A must-have accessory for racing and now mandatory on track days too, EP Brake Lever Protectors literally protect the front brake lever from impact. On the track, they can help prevent accidental activation of the front brake from clipping another rider, while on the road, they can help prevent damage to the brake lever and handlebar controls in the event of a spill, or simply dropping the bike at standstill (which happens more often than you think).

All EP Brake Lever Protectors are specifically designed for each model of motorcycle and reflect the aesthetics of the standard motorcycle. In other words, we don’t produce ‘universal’ protectors, so you are always guaranteed of a perfect factory-quality look and fit.

Many of our EP Brake Lever Protector Kits are also now available in two different styles – ‘Race’ or ‘Road’. What’s the difference? Check out this article.

EP Radiator Guard
You can’t miss our EP Radiator Guards on the racetrack, especially in the British Superbike Championship, and there is good reason too.

EP Radiator Guards are designed to protect the radiator’s delicate cooling fins and internal waterways by preventing stones, grit, and other debris from puncturing the radiator’s delicate aluminium construction and causing it to leak. If this happens, the engine will overheat and potentially cause irreparable damage. Escaping coolant can also leak on to the tyres, causing loss of grip. A punctured or overheated radiator means the end of a competitor’s race, and that’s a risk the top teams are not willing to take.

Many of the EP Radiator Guards you see on the racetrack in the Superstock series’ are exactly the same as the ones you would fit to your road bike too. What better test for EP product development is there?

EP Exhaust Hangers
An exhaust hanger is a straight replacement for the standard exhaust hanger and, in most cases, the pillion peg bracket to allow the use of race exhaust systems as well as retaining the standard exhaust. CNC-produced from aluminium and powder coated for durability, the EP Exhaust Hanger gives weight reduction and further enhances the race replica-look. The EP Exhaust Hanger is also a viable, cheaper replacement to a damaged standard exhaust bracket.

EP Paddock Stand Bobbins
Paddock stand bobbins are the ideal solution for maintenance and long-term bike storage with the rear wheel off the ground. Each bobbin is engineered to positively ‘catch’ and hold paddock stand C-cups and V-type mounts. EP Paddock Stand Bobbins are designed to support the weight of the motorcycle only – they are not designed to withstand the additional weight of a person sitting on the bike. EP Paddock Stand Bobbins should be treated as a workshop tool and removed for rides.

By Evotech Retail on 26 April 2023