Rider Torque

You’ll know by now how much we dislike fakes – and that goes for fake news about our products too. But with so many online groups and forums out there, we can’t interact in all of them.

Rider Torque is a closed Facebook group where Evotech Performance fans can get the inside line on product information, connect with like-minded riders and other EP fans, and share tips and feedback. We’ll also use the group as a place to share access to behind-the-scenes content from EP HQ and keep you up-to-date with special announcements and features as well as give you access to exclusive offers…

But most importantly, Rider Torque is a place for riders who like to keep it real. We’re sick and tired of seeing counterfeit EP accessories on sites like AliExpress, and even more frustratingly, we can’t stand to see riders who believe they’re buying genuine EP accessories getting ripped off with cheap knock-offs. We want Rider Torque to be a source of information, where customers can be sure they’re getting the truth about Evotech Performance and our accessories. And, we hope you’ll share that information with other riders too.

Interested? We’re deliberately trying to keep our Rider Torque circle small… for now. But if you want to join our closed group and help us in the battle against counterfeit EP accessories, check out Rider Torque.

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By Evotech Retail on 14 April 2023