There for you when the worst happens

Many of our customers return to us every time they get a new bike - and now Lee knows just why! He unfortunately had an accident on his Ducati Diavel recently, but Evotech Performance crash protection helped to limit the damage.

“I had purchased Evotech crash sliders for frame and axle for previous bikes and never had to use them thankfully.

“I fitted crash protection to my Ducati Diavel when I picked it up in 2016 and recently had a collision. Thankfully I was OK apart from bruising, and the crash bobbins and front spindle bobbins have saved the majority of the bike. The tank looks unmarked, the right foot peg was torn off but otherwise, apart from the handlebar and brake lever nothing else touched the floor despite the bike sliding for many metres.

“Evotech crash protection is a worthwhile investment for any bike if the worst should happen.”

We couldn’t agree more Lee!

Check out the range of Evotech Performance crash protection and accessories for your bike here.

By Evotech Retail on 21 March 2022