Evotech Performance at the IoM TT 2018

The Isle of Man TT 2018 will definitely rank highly in the annals of TT history. Nigh on two weeks of racing on open roads produced outstanding results; lap records, average speed records and spectacle for the whole world to relish. This year’s TT was made even better with glorious weather conditions and this helped produce amazing highs for teams, riders, families and fans and, of course, some lows.

All of us here at Evotech Performance were again amazed at the levels of determination of all TT entrants to win, better previous results and safely experience the TT for the first time. For all of these reasons and more, Evotech Performance congratulates not only our supported teams and riders on their success, but everybody who took part – riders, technicians, support personnel, van drivers, and gophers!

With such a gathering of people comes camaraderie and if it wasn’t for the camaraderie – the sharing and assistance – that comes with the TT it is fact that the TT would never be as magical as it is. Thanks and praise is also extended to the TT marshals, organisers and behind the scenes services that often go beyond the bounds of normality.

Needless to say, Evotech Performance is delighted in going some way to help teams succeed in making their dreams come true and also aid development of our EP Accessory Lines. Our EP Radiator and Oil Cooler Guards (racing specific and off-the-shelf accessories) once again proved their worth, as did the hours of designing and fabricating small but much need component parts, be they instrument mounting brackets, wheel spacer retainer systems, T-bar hangers or our sought after EP Coasters.

To praise each rider and the individuals involved within Evotech Performance supported teams in race categories such as Superbike and Superstock at the IoM TT 2018 would take time to produce (and read), so we have decided to keep the thanks and congratulations short and sweet by way of a list (below). It also leaves us room to send out once again our best wishes to everyone who made the TT 2018 what it was.

IoM TT 2018 Evotech Performance  supported teams

Tyco BMW


Smiths Racing BMW

Trooper Triumph by Smiths

KW Electrical / CMS

IMP Cross Engineering

MD Racing

By Evotech Performance on 12 June 2018

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