Evotech Performance expands with new Evotech Performance Distribution Centre

To date, 2022 has been an exceptionally busy year for all Evotech Performance staff. The design, prototyping and testing of new EP products to meet the wave of new motorcycle models reaching bike dealerships has been typically full on. Adding to our workloads has been the experience of facilities expansion; in other words, we’ve taken on another building to accommodate the increased production of EP accessories.

Thankfully, the headache of finding new premises was soothed by the fact a factory unit literally across the road from our existing factory became vacant. But even though the new to us 6000ft2 (560m2) building was available, we still required additional space, so we repurposed space above an existing office area, complete with safety additions of a lift and stairway, to grab an extra 1,500ft2 (140m2) of usable area.

The new building is not an extension of our factory production facilities but is home to EP component products – all the Evotech Performance production line-made parts that make up our famous EP Tail Tidies, radiator guards, crash protection and the growing list of Evotech Performance accessories. We now list over 5,000 individual component parts and that list is growing daily.

Included within the new Evotech Performance Distribution Centre – and still to be completed – will be a new Product Design Centre. This will be home to our design team and its 3D scanning and computer systems, hydraulic bike benches, tool stations and much more. Of course. Evotech performance wouldn’t be where it is today if wasn’t for tea-making facilities, so these are to be included, too.

By Evotech Retail on 29 March 2022