Top shelf storage

Those of us lucky to have a home garage or even a shed to keep our bike(s) will know there is never enough space to store those bits and pieces we invariably amass over the course of motorcycle ownership. From used and new fasteners to cleaning liquids, electrical odds and sods to ¼-in drive bits, we have to put them somewhere. Maybe you (grandad-style) screw old jam jar lids to the underside of shelving and screw fastener-filled jars to them. More likely everything is just thrown into a cracked plastic tub or cardboard box. Ring a bell?

At Evotech Performance, we did at one point hold 24k-plus Evotech parts that were stored in boxes on rows of racking and also drawer units. That figure has now increased substantially over recent years. Component parts are one thing, actual Evotech Performance accessories are another.

When you think of the amount of Evotech accessories that we list and produce for retail and authorised stockists – think radiator guards, hand protector and engine protection guards, exhaust hangers, bar end mirrors, spindle bobbins, crash protectors, sat nav and smartphone mounts and more, Evotech Performance needed another storage solution, just not jam jars.

At the end of March this year, the final pieces of a new Evotech Performance storage system were literally put in place. Those final pieces being a total of 12 Vertical Storage Shuttle systems.

As you can see, each unit is roof eaves tall and contains vertical shelves that are home to Evotech accessories. An easy way to explain the system is a series of stock holding trays are stacked internally to the front and rear of each unit. Central to these tray stacks is a shuttle shelf that traverses up and down in the same way as a hotel lift. The shuttle shelf is electronically controlled to stop at the required stock holding tray, where it is collected and then brings it down to present to the picking area.

Each tray each can hold up to 500kg in weight – so, absolutely ideal for storage in areas with restricted floor space. And yes, Evotech Performance designed and fabricated the metal storage “baskets” that safely hold the Evotech accessories within tray.

It gets better. The system is fully automated. When the warehouse team pick an order that has been electronically processed, the system knows exactly which tray each Evotech accessory is located and presents that tray (and others if a multi-accessory order) to the order picker. At the picking area, a LED bar illuminates exactly where the part is located on the tray to speed up the picking process and, more importantly, the dispatch time to you.

Not only does this space saving system reduce pick and pack time, but the already efficient running system is also indirectly powered by our roof-mounted photovoltaic cells, which convert sunlight into 60kW of generated electricity and is fed into the UK’s national power grid to help reduce the demand placed on fossil fuel and nuclear-powered electricity. Another Evotech performance step closer to a smaller carbon footprint.

By Evotech Retail on 24 April 2024